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The Art of Wet Shaving: A Cut Above the Average Shave

Our fathers did it. Our grandfathers did it. Our great-grandfathers did it. Generations of men partook in a daily ritual of the wet shave — an art that sadly died many years ago, replaced by Jetson-like, electric devices that required no water — no ritual. And yes, while disposable razors are friends with both water and shaving cream, one, this isn’t considered a true wet shave,...
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Holidays Are The Perfect Time For Tuxedos

This year, we’ve seen a lot of men and women choosing formal over frumpy when it comes to holiday parties and events, requesting tuxedos and suits in a variety of styles and colors, choosing to stand out from the masses. And why not? Tuxedos and suits aren’t only classy, they’re fun to wear and elevate your presence — they can’t help but make you command...
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